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ACP pH 6.5



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200 grams


The most economical way to adjust and maintain pH 6.5.


Different fresh water aquarium fish and plants require different pH values.


ACP pH 6.5? is a blend of high purity ingredients that will adjust and maintain this pH value in fresh water aquariums and ponds.


Ideal for fresh water aquariums, ponds and all aquatic life that requires a pH of 6.5.


Adds essential minerals that are required by fresh water aquarium life.


Made with USP and ACP grade ingredients.


Check pH prior to adding ACP pH 6.5?.? If necessary adjust pH as follows:


Avoid adjusting pH more than 0.2 each 8-12 hours.


Small aquariums will require less ACP 6.5? than larger aquariums..


Add a teaspoon (predissolved) into a glass of clean fresh water. At least 8 ounces / 240 mL. Dissolve completely. SLOWLY add to your aquarium or pond.? Check pH again in 6 hours.


If necessary, slowly adjust pH again.


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