The 13045 Process®

Journey through this exceptional multi step disciplined technique to ultimate marine salt quality.

13045 Process

  1. Research and develop precise synthetic sea water formulations. Based on the successful reproduction of marine organisms, and for a variety of captive marine animal husbandry requirements.
  2. Utilize major components that are extracted from natural sources. These salts are then refined to our explicit, exacting, exclusive specifications. These select grade ingredients will produce marine salts that are the best for use in their intended application.
  3. 13045 Process 2

  4. Prior to manufacturing marine salts, test and evaluate each major component for: pH, ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, phosphates, silicates, heavy metals and other undesirable properties found in inferior raw materials.
  5. Reject commercial, fertilizer or low grade ingredients that will introduce unwelcome contaminants which can result in brown, red and/or slime algae. Use only AR (analytical grade 99.9+%) grade minor and trace elements. Be in control of harmful trace impurities
  6. Employ the exacting 13045 Process® to manufacture the worlds most progressive, and consistently correct synthetic sea water / synthetic sea salt / marine salt formulations in the world.
  7. Preparation of ingredients, employing the 10345 Process® and packaging must be performed in a scientific environmentally controlled clean room or enclosure.
  8. 13045 Process 4

  9. Process all ingredients to a uniform particle size prior to compounding. Uniform particle size ingredients are required to maintain the integrity of homogenous mixed chemistry in sealed user packages. E.g. Non-uniform sized mixed chemistry will: a) not be proportionally mixed at the time of manufacture. b) will continue to separate in packages with simple handling prior to use.
    Using a fraction of a package with varying particle salts will result in an unbalanced solution An unbalanced solution does not contain the correct proportion of all elements. This type of salt is totally unacceptable.

    13045 Process 4

    The 13045 Process® assembles marine salts in a homogeneous blend of dry free flowing specially selected uniform size particle size ingredients. All elements in each formulation are equally distributed throughout each package.

    All formulas hydrate easily, quickly and completely. Thus producing a superior optically clear sea water culture medium that is void of contaminants.

  10. 13045 Process 6

  11. The 13045 Process® is an ultra state-of-the-art manufacturing technique to produce the worlds most consistent marine salts. This fluxing procedure ensures that all elements are blended in a dry mixed crystal form without heat. It creates exceptional marine salt formulations in a pressure controlled, near weightless, anti gravity dry fluidized zone amalgamator.
  12. Use only multiple material moisture/vapor barrier packages to insure and maintain product integrity for extended periods. This guarantees the end user of fresh high quality and stable marine salt chemistry.
  13. Identify each master carton of marine salts with code numbers. These numbers indicate the production date which technicians inspected and produced the batch. Maintain a representative sample of each batch produced for extended quality control.These are some of the steps employed at the Aqua Craft®, Inc. mega state-of-the-art marine salt manufacturing facility that revolves around the 13045 Process®.