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Public aquariums & large scale marine salt users:


Are you plagued with problems, challenges, unexpected work efforts and costs associated with grossly inconsistent mixed marine salt chemistry from package to package and more so with bulk sacks?

Are you required to alter pH and/or purchase and add major components such as Mg?  Only to end up with a synthetic marine salt formula that is high in Ca and/or carbonate hardness?  Or low in K, So4, etc?  Perhaps these salts test positive for ammonia?  All this to simply make a working solution that resembles NSW?   It does not have to be that way.


Aqua Craft Products® produces five (5) standard marine salt / synthetic sea water formulations and (ECOSEA®) for virtually every aquatic display and research application. 


Aqua Craft Products® marine salts are formulated with USP and ACP™ grade ingredients conforming to the 13045 PROCESS®.

Aqua Craft Products® marine salts perform to NSW standards for use in various larva rearing projects.  Formulations are ideal for sea urchin toxicity bio-assay studies.

Aqua Craft Products® marine salts are available in 50 U.S. gallon, 150 U.S. gallon and up to 8000 U.S. gallon sizes.

The 8000 U.S. gallon size is packaged in 2400 pound bulk sacks.  All formulated chemistry is consistent, stable, compounded and packaged in an environmentally controlled enclosure.  



All factory sealed and undamaged packages (50 U.S. gallon, 150 U.S. gallon & up to 8000 U.S. gallon sizes) will remain as a dry, free flowing, uniform particle size, fast dissolving powdered mixture for at least one year, regardless of storage conditions.  This is achieved without the use of any cyanide or metal based artificial anti-caking or free flowing additives.

Serie’ AA™

Serie’ A™

Serie’ B™

Serie’ C™

Serie’ D™ 


Aqua Craft Products® is the only marine salt manufacturer that produces custom made marine salt formulations (ECOSEA®). 

ECOSEA® will interact, function and complement the properties of your municipal fresh water supply and individual filtration system.  Your specially formulated ECOSEA® will meet the definitive needs of your marine fish, reef invertebrates and mammals.


Which is the best marine salt for your needs?  Take into account the initial ionic properties of your make up water, life support equipment and the specific needs of the captive marine organism in your custody.

Aqua Craft Products® can assist in your quest for optimal water quality for the sole benefit of the display animals and mammals in your control.