Premium Lobster Salt ™ is formulated for keeping live sea food in wholesale and restaurant aquarium systems.

Premium Lobster Salt ™ is manufactured with food grade, USP, and Codex purity ingredients.




Premium Lobster Salt ™ is a dry, fast dissolving uniform particle size mixture that produces a solution comparable to virgin sea water.

Premium Lobster Salt ™ is offered in 150 U.S. gallon cartons and up to 8000 U.S. gallon bulk sacks.


Premium Lobster Salt ™ in the 150 gallon size.  42 pounds / 19.09 Kg.

There are 55 cartons of PLS ™ on each pallet.

Shown is one full truck load to make 165,000 US gallons/624,525 L of PLS ™ working seawater solution.




Sea Safe® should be used when mixing new salt water or adding more live sea food to your systems.

Sea Safe® will reduce the stress of shell and marine fish when introduced into your systems.  This will stop osmotic shock which results in weight loss and mortality of costly marine seafood.

Sea Safe® is available in 16 oz. that will treat 2500 U.S. gallons / 9462.5 L & 1 U.S. gallon that will treat 20,000 U.S. gallons / 75,700 L.