Bulk Salt Sacks

Aqua Craft Products® produces Super Sacks® (bulk packaging) with sizes up to 2400 pounds that will hydrate 8000 US gallons of full strength sea water working solution (35 ppt. @77F/25C).

Aqua Craft Products® bulk or Super Sacks® are produced in an environmentally controlled dry room.  Each bulk sack is lined with a form fitted special moisture barrier liner.  Factory sealed and undamaged bulk or Super Sacks® will keep the the contents as a dry, free flowing power for up to one year.  Regardless of storage conditions.  This without the addition of any anti-caking or free flowing agents.

Aqua Craft Products® bulk sacks are manufactred for public aquariums and/or other large scale marine salt users.   The sack is lifted over an 8000 US gallon mixing vat with a fork lift.  A draw string is pulled and the entire contents are used at one time.

Aqua Craft Products® bulk sacks are not suitable for partial usage of the contents.  E.g.  Bulk sacks of marine salts are not intended to opened, a small portion is removed, the bag close, several times.  If this is done, salts will attract ambient moisture, become damp, cake, hard and change chemistry.

Aqua Craft Product® Super Sacks® can be produced with the following contents:

Serie’ AA™ formula.

Serie’ A™ formula.

Serie’ B™ formula

Serie’ C™ formula

Serie’ D™ formula (Premium Lobster Salt™).

ECOSEA® flexable formula.  ECOSEA® can be manufactured to suit a variety of special applications.  The amounts of:  Mg, Ca, K, So4, carbonate hardness, pH, etc. can be blended to your exacting requirements.