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Professional Aquarium Treatment™ 1 gal.


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ALL IN ONE freshwater aquarium & pond conditioner.

  • 16 oz. for 2,500 gals
  • 1 gal. for 20,000 gals


Professional Aquarium Treatment PAT


Professional Aquarium Treatment ( PAT) is a true All-In-One fresh water aquarium and pond conditioner and clarifier.


PAT neutralizes chlorine and chloramines in tap water.


PAT detoxifies heavy metals, adds electrolytes and makes new water safe for all aquatic life.


PAT reduces stress, restores and aids in the maintaining the natural protective slime coat on fresh water aquarium & pond fish.


PAT should be used when making water changes, during acclimation, transportation and during treatment.


PAT does not contain artificial thickeners and will not disrupt biological filters or reduce the effectiveness of various medications.


PAT will not alter pH.


Made exclusively with USP & ACP grade raw materials and ingredients.


Manufactured with the 13045 PROCESS


Use one cap (6 ml) for each 20 US gallons / 16.6 Imperial gallons / 75L.


16 ounce / 474 ml size for up to 2500 US gallons / 2075 Imperial gallons / 9450 L.


1 gallon size /3.785 L for up to 20,000 US gallons.

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Weight 9 lbs