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Aquarium Plant Food™ 16 oz.


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Helps create a natural and safe fresh water habitat.

  • 16 oz. for 2,500 gals
  • 1 gal. for 20,000 gals


Aquarium Plant Food? APF


APF helps maintain proper water chemistry, proper pH, favorable aquarium and pond conditions.


APF supports an esthetically pleasing and natural bio-tope presence in fresh water aquariums and ponds.


APF is a balanced nutrient additive that promotes growth and development of leaves and stems of all aquatic plants.


Aquarium plants provide natural shelter for fish to enjoy a natural habitat.


APT will not alter pH and is produced with USP & ACP grade ingredients.


Use one cap (6 ml) for each 20 US gallons / 16.6 Imperial gallons / 75 L each 7 days.


For heavily planted fresh water aquariums or ponds use one capful (6 ml) for each 20 US gallons / 16.6 Imperial gallons / 75 L each 4-5 days.


Manufactured with the 13045 PROCESS?


16 ounce / 474 ml size for up to 2500 US gallons / 2075 Imperial gallons / 9450 L.


1 gallon size /3.785 L for up to 20,000 US gallons.


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