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REFRACTONMETER Calibration Solution


ACP Refractometer Calibration Solution 2 Fluid ounces / 60 mL

Specifically manufactured for calibrating refractometers for use in testing natural or synthetic sea water.

Clean refratometer prism slide with clean fresh water. Dry completely with a soft clean cloth.

Place a few drops of ACP Refractometer Calibration Solution on the prism slide.

Allow 45 60 seconds if ATC (automatic temperature compensating) refractometer is used.

Calibrate to 35 ppt.

Clean refractomer prism slide with clean fresh water to remove RCS solution. Dry with a clean soft cloth so the prism slide is dry.

Add a few drops of your aquarium water on the prism slide. Allow 45-60 seconds ATC refractometer is being used.

Read the amount of dissolved salts in your aquarium water.

Clean refractometer prism slide with clean fresh water after each use.

For best results calibrate with RCS prior to each use.

Note: Using RO or RO/DI water to calibrate a refractometer at -0- will yield inaccurate results when testing marine aquarium water in the 35 ppt. / SG 1.026 rangs.

Cat. # RCS 2

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Refractometer calibration solution is used to accutately cilbrate your refractometer for testing natural sea water or syntheic sea water.


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