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11 SEA SAFE™ 16 oz.


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ALL IN ONE. Reduces stress, maintains natural slime coat.

  • 16 oz. for 2,500 gallons tank
  • 1 gal. for 20,000 gallons tank



Sea Safe? is a special All-In;One multipurpose marine aquarium water conditioner.


All components are pH balanced, bio-active, bio-available, and high purity.


Sea Safe adds protective colloids and electrolytes thus allowing newly mixed salt water safe for the introduction of marine life.


Sea Safe?shouljd be used when making new salt water with all one step marine salts.? Ideal for use during transportation and acclimation of all forms of sea lift.


Sea Safe? reduces stress when acclimating or shipping marine animals by assisting in? maintaining their natural protective slime coat.


Sea Safe? will not alter pH.


Prior to the use of Sea Safe?, or any other additive, test for calcium, alkalinity, magnesium.? Adjust with ACP #1, #2, #3 if necessary.


Use periodic additions of ACP? #7, #8, #9, #10 to maintain heavily stocked reef aquaria between routine water changes.? Use ACP #11, Sea Safe? when mixing new salt water.


Sea Safe? is available in 16 ounce / 474 ml size that will treat 2500 US gallons / 2075 Imperial gallons / 9450 Liters of sea water.


One cap (6 ml) of Sea Safe? for each 25 US gallons of marine aquarium water.


Discontinue protein skimming for 2 days after the addition of Sea Safe?.


Sea Safe is also available in 1 gallon size for treating 20,000 US gallons of marine aquarium water.


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