International Report: Hong Kong

Circa 1910 double deck electric street cars provide uninterrupted service on HK Island.

Marine Aquarist™ HK correspondent is Mr. Jimmy Cheung. Mr. Cheung has years of experience with marine fish, reef invertebrates and other forms of aquatic displays. Mr. Cheung is the director of operations of the largest supplier of quality aquarium items in Hong Kong and Southeast China. His is an international traveler and is recognized as an aquatic authority. He is frequently called up to act as a consultant to many aquatic projects.

The general population of Hong Kong is about six million people. Most of the people reside in apartments in two main living areas. These areas are Hong Kong Island and with about 100 stores. The other area is Kowloon with about 200 stores. There is a total of about 45 stores that sell marine fish and colorful reef invertebrates. Due to the close proximity to the Philippines, Indonesia and Indian Oceans, the most poplar marine fish come from these collecting areas. However a large selection of Caribbean, African and Red Sea fish are always available at significantly higher prices.

Marine fish and invertebrates from the Red Sea, Indo Pacific, Hawaii, Caribbean, Indian Ocean and Africa are all in Hong Kong.

Left: Wall of marine aquariums with central filter system is typical of better HK stores.
Right: Island display with separate self contained filtration systems houses hundreds of marine fish displayed in acrylic cubicles. This shows some of the variety of marine fish available to HK hobbyists. All tanks are 100% Marine Environment® dual phase formula™.

Chaetondontoplus personiferHighly coveted 10″ adult Personifer angel from Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is highly prized by all marine aquarists world wide.

The Hong Kong approach to marine aquarium keeping is unique. Most customers experiment until they can keep marine life with a minimum of equipment. Undergravel and over the tank filters have given way to trickle filters and UV sterilizers. The most progressive stores utilize central filtration systems with trickle filters and large RK skimmers from the USA. BI OX™ is the primary medium of choice because of its unparalleled “usable surface area”™. This allows for smaller and more efficacious filters.

Left: Acclimation of Pomocanthus chrysurus angels from Africa into fresh Marine Environment®. Right: Bare tank on central filter shows Golden butterfly Chaetodon semi larvartus from the Red Sea and two deep water Chaetodon tinkeri from Hawaii.
Left: Piramid butterfly Hemitaurichthys zoster and Racoon butterfly Chaetodon lunula from the Marshall Islands. Right: 75 gallon reef tank with dozens of healthy corals. This coral tank is located by a large window and natural light is used to display the tank inhabitants. BI OX(r) is used in an under the tank trickle filter with protein skimmer.

Virtually every new aquarium product from the US, Europe and Asia is tested and evaluated in Hong Kong. Only items that prove their value are accepted.

All aquariums in this article are using 100% Marine Envrionment® dual phase formula or BIO-SEA® Marinemix. The leading marine salt in HK is Marine Environment®. The next most popular marine salt is BIO-SEA® Marinemix. Although a wide range of liquid and power additives are offered, the most popular group of supplements offered is the REEF SYSTEM™.

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