Pigmy Angelfish

Centropyge argi
Pigmy angelfish, Cherubfish

This rare and expensive marine angelfish comes from the West Indies, Bermuda and the Gulf of Mexico. This 3″ fish has dramatic adult colors. When smaller, the orange face is sometimes yellow.

These beauties are usually collected in water over 100 feet deep. This is too deep for all but the professional collector.

The pigmy angel makes a great aquarium addition. They thrive in well established aquariums. They coexist with a variety of tank mates. Shown with this pigmy angel is a cleaner shrimp. They prefer to graze on algae and nibble on a variety of sponge and corals. They also accept a variety of premium flake and frozen foods.

This pigmy angel is in 100% Marine Environment® dual phase formula™. The aquarium is lit with several spectra lamps and filtered with BI OX®.

I have some questions?

I don’t want to come off like Andy Roony. But, why is it that just about every time I tell someone about a great aquarium or pet item, they always ask… “How much is it?” or, “Is it expensive?” Then, if they go to a pet shop, or shop online (for possibly a better price, without service), they usually try and beat down the merchant on cost.

None of us can bargain at the super market, the gas pump or with the tax man. So, why are so many pet and specifically aquarium hobbyists consumed with price, discounts, deals, and… cheaper… cheaper?

When someone sets up a salt water aquarium, they have already spent money on an aquarium, filter system, lighting, live rock, decorations, animals, etc. So, why ferret out the lowest priced and possibly the worst quality water?

I.e. The water (marine salt) is the most important and lowest cost item of any aquarium. DUH. Like I have said for years. “If you can’t afford the water, you can’t afford the hobby” DUH2.

One hobbyist e-mailed me and wrote, “I am now paying wholesale for a 150 gal. mix of salt that scored 26 out of 100 in the S-15™ Report™. Tell me why I should spend more for a salt that scored 100?” – Buddy, if I have to tell you why, I am wasting my time. This person already read information regarding marine salts. Now he wants it told to him. DUH3.

In the aol Pets Fish Chat Room, one individual informed the room that the cost of premium Italian made power head was “just too much, a rip off.” This fresh water hobbyist could not figure out why a well researched, well made premium, essential item was supposed to work for years and be comparable or lower to a sub-standard electric trinket?

This, my fellow aquarist, is not an isolated instance. Far too many people are simply caught up with the cost of essential hobby items. Grip up! Admit it. What our parents told us is still holds true… You get what you pay for.

Camel Shrimp

Camel Shrimp

Another question: Why do some people defend a position of total weakness? Hobbyists that are continually plagued with basic aquarium problems defend the products and practices they currently employ! Does anyone know one definition of insanity? INSANITY: Doing the same thing over and over. They expecting different results! E.g. I have brown or red slime algae. I love my marine salt that scored under 30 out of 100 in the S-15™ Report™.

Another Question: Why would anyone attack a product they have never used? “I use brand ABC. For me, its is OK. Brand XYZ is no good. No, I have never used brand XYZ!”

Another Question: Why would someone present themselves as an expert, then tell a group they change 30%-50% of their water weekly, to “keep their fish looking good.” Frequent and massive water changes indicate underlying problems with the initial aquarium set up and/or low end equipment failure.

Other questions: Why would anyone disparage industry leaders, their accomplishments and challenge basic scientific facts? E.g. In a chat room, a civil servant from North East US told me… “You have never reproduced marine fish and I doubt the photos on your site are yours!” This hobbyist has been keeping marine aquariums for about 2 years and has 3 tanks. Is this a result of Gulf War Syndrome, poor upbringing, or evidence of genetic mutation?

Are there too many dolts trying to keep aquariums? Or, am I meeting a disproportionate number of these individuals?