The Facts About hW Marinemix

hW Marinemix® + Bio-Elements
manufactured by Wiegandt GMBH 7 Co. KG Germany
(What the manufacturer claims)
(printing on the 10 U5 gallon bag)
Net Wt: 2 lbs. 11 oz.
(1) The first synthetic seawater to contain Bio-elements and protective colloids (2) . hw-Marinemix® has been formulated by modern scientific techniques under skilled biologists, and contains – all necessary and positively acting trace-elements, bio-elements and protective colloids in concentrations found in nature (3) . hw-Marinemix® is free from highly poisonous substances such as Beryllium, Osmium and Thallium (4) . Aerate strongly for a few hours and the water is ready for use for all organic marine life (5) .

The package makes many statements that are false. As shown below hW hydrates to a very high pH, is chronically low in calcium, does not make the amount of water advertised and contains high levels of heavy metals.

COMMENTS: 1) hW Marinemix is sold underweight. The 10 US gallon size will actually make 8.9 US gallons at SG 1.022-1.023 at 77°F (25°C). Their 50 US gallon size will actually make 44.6 US gallons at SG 1.022 – 1.023 at 77°F (25°C). 2) What are bio-elements? Colloids. No date is offered as to when colloids were added to this product. 3) Claim of containing elements in concentrations found in nature is false. Ph of both samples was dangerously higher than NSW. So4 in sample #1 was 8.5% sulfate less than NSW. Calcium. Sample #1 was 18% less and sample #2 was 22.5% in calcium than NSW. K. Sample #1 was 17% less in potassium than NSW. 4) The claim of not containing Be, Os and Th is accurate. However, there are several heavy metals that were found at concentrations significantly higher than NSW. Al. Sample #2 had 17.1 times more aluminum than NSW. Ni. Sample #2 had 12.8 times more lead than NSW. Pb. Sample #2 had 1,333 times more lead than NSW. Cr. Sample #2 had 200 times more chromium than NSW. Zn. Sample #2 had 14 times more zinc than NSW. Fe. Sample #2 had 9.1 times more iron than NSW. The accumulation of some heavy metals could prove detrimental to marine organisms in the closed system. 5) pH was dangerously high. The claim of …water being ready for use for all organic marine life in a few hours is inaccurate.