The Facts About Instant Ocean®

Instant Ocean®
manufactured by Aquarium Systems USA & France
(What the manufacturer claims)
(printing on the 50 U5 gallon/189 liter size bag)
Can be used immediately after mixing. Reaches and maintains proper pH quickly (1) . Instant Ocean® is the most carefully formulated and most carefully manufactured synthetic sea salt in the world (2) . Contains every major, minor and trace element necessary (3) . Aquarium Systems, Inc. manufacturer… was founded in 1964 to supply the needs of industrial and academic scientists who were exploring and researching in the rapidly expanding fields of marine biology and marine technology. These scientists expected and demanded the highest standards of quality, uniformity and consistency (4) . Our commitment to these needs continues (5) .

Instant Ocean® is the quintessential definition of symbolism over substance. It relies on a past reputation when salt water keeping was less sophisticated. The product package misrepresents the contents.

COMMENTS: 1) pH. Both samples mixed to a high pH. Ammonia and pH are related. The higher the pH, the more toxic ammonia in the same water. 2&4) Mg. Both samples tested low in magnesium. Ca. Sample #1 was 6.5% higher and sample #2 was 6.5% less in calcium vs. NSW. K. Sample #1 was 18% lower and sample #2 was 12.5% higher in potassium vs. NSW. 3) Br. Sample tested was 91% deficient in bromide, Importance of Bromide. Sr. Sample tested 14% low in strontium. 5) “However, there is no mention that IO has been demonstrably reduced by omitting various compounds over the years.” Artificial Seawaters Formulas and Methods Pages 274-279.

On this and previous packages, photos are shown of clownfish that were allegedly raised at Instant Ocean® Hatcheries. Package claims indicate “IO is used successfully for a variety of applications, including spawning and rearing of coral reef fishes at Instant Ocean® Hatcheries. However there is no indication that thousands upon thousands of miss-marked, misshapen clownfish were produced in a solution where the director of the facility admitted to adding hormones to their basic salt mixture. See Sea Scope® or SMOKE SCREEN™.

COMMENTS from Artificial Seawaters Formulas and Methods: 1) “The rational behind the formula (IO) is not to try and duplicate seawater, but to include only those elements known to be necessary… No studies supporting their choice of elements”, page 275. 2) “According to the manufacturer (Aq. Systems) emphasis has shifted from the composition of trace metal additions or supplements to proper mixing and packaging of the major ions” page 278. ISBN 0-86720-057-X © 1985 Jones & Bartlett Publishers, Inc.