The Facts About Deep Ocean™

manufactured by American Aquaculture
Now produced by Energy Savers Unlimited, Inc.

(What the manufacturer claims)
(printing on the 25 U5 gallon/95 Liter mix)
Net Wt: 8 lbs./3.63 Kilos

PREMIUM REEF FORMULA (1) . Powdered formula dissolves quickly (2) . Dechlorinator – Treats water & removes harmful chemicals such as chlorine & chloramines. (3) pH controllers adjust and maintain proper pH balance (4) . Safe for most delicate reef life. Complete formula contains all necessary trace elements protecting marine life health (5) . Encourage nitrifying bacteria growth (6) .

The package offers a multitude of false statements. As shown below Deep Ocean is very inconsistent. This is a wet, soggy, poorly made marine salt that is not a premium reef formula.

COMMENTS: 1) As evidenced in the S-15™ Report™ assay below this and many other claims are totally false. 2) The product is mushy and wet. It takes hours even days to dissolve completely. 3) A simple dechlorinator cannot “remove” chloramine or “harmful” chemicals. 4) pH tested in two samples was 9.66 and 9.69. This is not the proper pH. 5) This cannot be considered a “complete” formula as it varied dramatically from batch to batch and exhibits great deficiencies in potassium, bicarbonate, carbonate and manganese. In the same samples it exhibited excesses in lithium. 6) Mo. Molybdenum and manganese can assist in the development of nitrifying bacteria. However, the amounts of these two ions varied dramatically in each sample. Deep Ocean™ is now produced by Energy Savers Unlimited, Inc. It is now promoted as “lobster Salt” on their web site.