The Facts About Coral Marine™

Coral Marine™
manufactured by Aqua Craft®, Inc. USA
(What the manufacturer claims)
(printing on the 50 U5 gallon/189.25 Liter bag)
Net Wt: 15 lbs.

For all marine fish and reef & coral life. SCIENTIFIC FORMULA(1) . Guarantee High Purity Enriched Blend (2) . Contains; tap water dechlorinator. pH buffer (3) . Bio available calcium (4) . Strontium (5) . Molybdate. No phosphates (6) . No nitrates. Rich in all 70 trace elements found in natural seawater (7). Fast dissolving. INSTRUCTIONS: Mix Coral Marine ™ with fresh water to a specific gravity of 1.020 to 1.023 at 73°F to 77°F (23°C to 25°C). If specific gravity is low, add more CORAL MARINE™. If high, add more fresh water. Mix Coral Marine™ before adding to aquarium. Make a partial water change of 10% every 2-3 weeks or 25% every 4 to 6 weeks.

Although low in bromide, Coral Marine™ proved to be the best of the economy marine salts. All claims on the package are accurate.

COMMENTS: 1) Very consistent from batch to batch. 2) Does not contain high amounts of heavy metals, silicates, nitrates or ammonia. 3) Mixes to the proper pH and has a built-in tap water dechlorinator. 4) Calcium is within 5% of levels found in NSW. 5) Sr. Strontium is within 5% of levels found in NSW. 6) All elements found in NSW are present in Coral Marine™. No nitrates or phosphates were discovered in the S-15™ Report™. Mo is added to assist in the positive growth of corals.

Coral Marine™ Scientific Formula™ was created with information from the S-15™ Report™. The manufacturer reviewed information from the report and discovered what marine salts were popular, their limitations and what users had to do to make them function reasonably well. Coral Marine™ is a creation of this information resulting in a low cost marine salt that is more consistent and “cleaner” than other economy salts.