The Facts about BIO-SEA

BIO-SEA® Marinemix
manufactured by Aqua Craft®, Inc. USA
(What the manufacturer claims)
(printing on the 50 U5 gallon/189.25 liter bag)
Net Wt: 15 lbs. (6.8 Kg)

Ideal for all marine fish, corals and reef life. De-chlorinates. Maintains pH. No phosphates. No nitrates. Highly soluble. PREMIUM SALTWATER FORMULA. GUARANTEED to contain all elements. Laboratory tested & certified. (The package then offers instructions for mixing and using the product.)

With the exception of slightly elevated levels of sulfate, BIO-SEA® Marinemix is the only salt that consistently tested with major ions/elements in proportions similar to Natural Sea Water (NSW). Enhanced amounts of select minor elements are included for the positive growth of captive reef pets. All claims on the package are accurate.

COMMENTS: pH. Both samples mixed to a normal pH. S04. Both samples contained slightly higher amounts of sulfate vs. NSW. Mg. Both samples tested perfect in magnesium vs. NSW. Ca. Both samples tested perfect in calcium vs. NSW. Br. Both samples tested perfect to bromide vs. NSW. Perfect is +/- 5% from NSW. PO4. Both samples tested lower in phosphate vs. NSW. Sr. Both samples tested slightly higher in strontium vs. NSW. Sr. has a natural interaction with calcium. Li (lithium), a metabolic stimulator has been included as well as molybdenum and manganese for the benefit of reef inhabitancies.

The rationale for producing BIO-SEA® Marinemix was to offer a marine salt that faithfully reproduced the major ions found in NSW, while slightly enhancing selected proven essential minor elements that benefit captive marine fish and reef animals in the closed system. This is accomplished without introducing contaminates such as heavy metals, silicates, nitrates, phosphates or ammonia. BIO-SEA® also includes a tap water dechlorinator.