The Facts About Marine Environment®

dual phase formula™

manufactured by Aqua Craft®, Inc. USA
(What the manufacturer claims)
(printing on the 50 U5 gallon)
NET WT. 15 lbs.

2 PART SUPERIOR FORMULA. With the “Little Bottle That Makes The Big Difference”™ (1) . Dissolve all salts completely in a non-corrosive container. Use tap water and mix salts to specific gravity of 1.020 – 1.023 at 75°F. (24°C to 26°C) Avoid mixing salts in a tank with live animals. IMPORTANT: Add liquid trace compounds. Rinse the bottle out with the water being prepared. For best results, make a partial water change of 25% every 4 to 6 weeks (2).

GUARANTEED CONTENTS: Part 1. All 78 Major, Minor & Trace Elements found in natural seawater, plus a strong pH buffering platform and a tap water de-chlorinator. (6 major, 10 minor and 62 trace elements are listed (3) . The 62 trace elements are indicated present in a free ion form/state.) (4) . PART 2. A separate “Little Bottle” contains supplemental trace elements, minerals, organic compounds, enzymes, & vitamins in a timed or on demand release medium. (various trace elements, vitamins and organic are listed in alphabetical order). (5) The “Little Bottle”™ also contains a stress/shock preventative, colloids, chelating agents, & numerous water conditioners (6) .

This is the only two part sea water formula tested. As shown below Marine Environment® contains all elements found in NSW with a emphasis on a strong pH buffering system and enhanced amounts of calcium, strontium, molybdenum, manganese and lithium. It is very consistent with no excessive amounts of heavy metals. It is the only product with built-in water trace supplements and various water conditioners. Packaging is accurate.

The rational behind this two part or dual phase formula™ is to offer a marine salt that will not require any additives or supplements between regular water changes.

Unlike all other marine salts, Marine Envirnment® tells the customer that the trace elements found in the salt mixture are actually impurities found in the bulk or major salts. 3) These free ion form elements can be quickly removed by simple aeration, filtration, skimming, etc. Trace elements in marine salts. 1) & 2) This is why a separate “little bottle”™ is included with each package. The “little bottle”™ contains trace supplements and various other supplements that are usually purchased separately. The contents of part #2, The “little bottle ,™ (Marine Environment Supplements™) was not analyzed separately or when mixed with part #1. As evidenced by the report below, Marine Environment, Part #1 has more than any other brands of salts tested. The addition of part #2 makes this product the most sophisticated ever produced.


The world’s first and only reef formula.

#1 Second generation tank raised hybrid Apm. Percula/
Amp. Ocellarus tending eggs ready to hatch.
#2 Three month old tank raised clownfish.
#3 Hand feeding 30-day old tank raised clownfish.
Photos taken at Marine Environment fisheries in 1972-1974.

#4 Red polyp head coral in a 26 gallon tank that reproduced every 24 days.
#5 Close up of coral head that reproduced every 24 days.
#6 Super close up of 1/4″ polyp that is three months old.
Super small polyps in upper right are 10 days old. This aquarium utilized a simple undergravel filter with two fluorescent lamps. Photos taken in 1975.