Stay in the kitchen, take the heat.
Controversial Topics.

Many e-mails were received regarding some problems identified in the marine aquarium business described in our first internet issue. Other small problems were identified by readers and we were asked for our help. The only way obvious problems can be corrected is with everyone’s cooperation and effort.

Some of the offending topics recognized are: Little or no quarantine of marine fish by importers or dealers. (Refer to Spring 1999 issue) Quarantine, Disease Control, Copper Sulfate. Marine salts with advertising and packaging claims that are inconsistent with their contents and working ability. Reef additives formulated in kitchens or garages that do not list contents and/or are sold with short lived paper labels. Internet aqua-guru’s that continually offer ‘opinions’ with little or no scientific facts to reinforce their ego-inflated positions. One such internet individual was adamant that no matter what marine salt he used, “the results would be same”! Ostensibly this person has reached the climax of his aquatic ability and/or is unable to detect dramatic transforms in aquariums.

Our first internet issue detailed basic facts about Instant Ocean® brand salt. This article used facts from the independent S-15™ Report™ and the book, Artificial Seawaters Formulas and Methods. This book was co-authored by Mr. Stephen Spotte,, an ex-VP or Aquarium Systems (manufacturer of Instant Ocean®). This opening article detailing the composition of various marine salts had most e-mail senders in a state of disbelief.

There are a lot of things that are right with marine aquarium keeping. There are also some things, not-so-right about the marine aquarium business. MARINE AQUARIST™ will offer as many valid insights as possible, regarding the pros and cons of this wonderful hobby.

Thank you for the comments and suggestions.