MARINE AQUARIST™ Taiwan correspondent is Mr. Chang Lun Chen. Mr. Chen has years of experience with marine fish, reef in vertebrates and related life support equipment. Mr. Chen is an international consultant. Mr. Chen is a recognized expert in the field of maintaining closed marine systems in the Republic Of China. His e-mail is:

Future marine fish and reef keeper is fascinated with the myriad of captive ocean life in this 150 US gallon aquarium.

The population of Taiwan is about twenty two million people. Taiwan is an island that is about 285 miles from North to South and about 85 miles wide. It is located north of the Philippine Islands. Most people live in apartments in large cities. There are about 2000 retail fish stores in Taiwan with about 200 selling marine aquariums and supplies. Pacific ocean marine life is the most popular because of the tremendous availability and variety of colorful marine pets. Although Red Sea, Indian Ocean, Eastern Pacific and Caribbean fish are available.

Marine fish and reef aquariums are alive and well in Taiwan

Inside one of Taiwan’s best stores. Multiple marine tanks use BI OX® as the primary bio filter medium. BI OX® is also utilized in the same filter as a superior liquid-gas-contact reactor. Other aquariums are equipped with simple undergravel filters to complex multi-stage systems.

The most successful approaches to keeping marine fish and reef aquariums is the unique blend of Euro-American styles of keeping captive marine animals. The European approach features the extended use of high quality support equipment. The American approach is to display as many colorful captive marine pets as possible.

In Taiwan, trickle filters, protein skimmers,, halide and multiple florescent lighting, pressurized filter systems,, temperature controllers with chillers and premium marine salts used for regular water changes are all part of successful marine fish and reef keeping.

Soft and hard corals thrive along with Amphiprion sebae in this 40 US gallon reef aquarium. Four VHO fluorescent lamps and regular water changes using 100% Marine Environment® dual phase formula™ keep this aquarium in top condition.

All aquariums in this article are using 100% MARINE ENVIRONMEN® dual phase formula™ or BIO SEA® Marinemix. The number one selling salt in Taiwan is MARINE ENVIRONMENT®. Other popular marine salts are BIO SEA® Marinemix and Coral Marine® Scientific Formula™. BI OX® is the largest selling trickle filter medium.