Chelmon rostratus
Copper banded butterfly
This delicate butterfly fish comes from the Tropical Indo-Pacific, Philippines, Indonesia, The Bay of Bengal and parts of the Indian Ocean.
We are overwhelmed. E-mail from the US,
SE Asia, Europe and parts of the Middle East continue to offer positive comments. Has MARINE AQUARIST™ tapped into people’s passion or what?

In the last few months, many of my friends have heard me say that this has been one of the most exciting projects in my 28 years of being involved with marine aquariums. The eagerness of aquaculturists, hobbyists and some dealers, world-wide to part of the MARINE AQUARIST™ team was well beyond our wildest expectations and dreams.

Marine fish and reef aquarium keeping represents one of the world’s most civilized pastimes. When traveling around the world, one does not have to speak many languages to have positive communication and intense eye contact with fellow marine fish keepers.

In our premier internet issue we started a series of evaluating marine salts.
We are proud to be the first publication to offer complete information from the
S-15™ Report™. The S-15™ Report™ is the first and only report that scientifically analyzes 15 different brands of marine salts. We are the first to offer the how’s and why’s of how this history making report was performed. Our first issue outlined how all the sample solutions were prepared and what types of equipment were employed to perform the testing of various elements. Our first issue also detailed facts about Instant Ocean®, a popular marine salt. This issue offers facts about BIO-SEA®, a true seawater formula™.

Our second issue of MARINE AQUARIST™ also takes us to Taiwan to see the development of saltwater aquarium keeping and more.

The World Wide Web has offered us the opportunity to communicate with thousands of individuals, businesses and government agencies that would otherwise be impossible. Your comments are welcome.

Michael Del Prete. Editor