Two marine salts.
Each with the proper amounts of Bromide.

Bromide is a minor ion in natural seawater. It is a minor component in the composition of quality synthetic seawater. In a complete seawater solution, at a specific gravity of 1.026 or 35 ppt. @78ºF/25ºC there is 65 parts per million (ppm.) or bromide present.

It is believed by researchers that there is a synergistic relationship between bromide and iodide. Without the proper amounts of bromide, iodide cannot be metabolized.

The proper amount of bromide can be used with the proper amounts of ozone without negative effects.

This is of the utmost importance for the long term keeping of captive marine fish and to display basic reef aquaria.

It is believed that bromide has a synergistic relationship with iodide. Without the proper amounts of bromide, essential iodide cannot be metabolized by delicate soft and hard corals. Bromide and iodide are minor ions found in NSW and quality marine salts. BIO-SEA® tested lower in silicates and phosphate than NSW. Silicates in synthetic seawater can promote the undesirable growth of brown or diatom algae. Phosphates accumulate naturally in the closed system. Thus, silicates and phosphates were not added to the BIO-SEA® formula. Nor were raw materials utilized that contained these ions as impurities.

COMMENTS: BIO-SEA® was the most consistent of all brands of marine salts tested. With the exception of slightly elevated amounts of sulfate, a tap water dechlorinator and a strong pH buffer, BIO-SEA® Marinemix is the closest synthetic marine salt to natural sea water (NSW).