Marine Environment® Supplements™ 1 gal.

Marine Environment® Supplements™ 1 gal.

Marine Environment® Supplements™ 1 gal.

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Helps to improve the working ability of one step salts.

  • 16 oz. for 2,500 gals
  • 1 gal. for 20,000 gals




Marine Environment® Supplements™ is a proprietary blend of Aqua Craft Products® supplements:  #6 Bio Elements™, #8 Iodide, #9 Strontium + Molybdenum. #10 Sea Trace® & #11 Sea Safe®.


Quite simply, using Marine Environment® Supplements™ can dramatically improve the working ability of one step salts and reduces the need for purchasing multiple supplements or additives.


The degree of improvement depends on the initial ionic composition and quality (levels, numbers and types of impurities found in various brands) of freshly mixed marine salts.


For the maximum benefit of Marine Environment® Supplements™ or any other Aqua Craft Products® supplement or additive, test for calcium, alkalinity, magnesium.  Adjust with ACP™ #1, #2, #3 if necessary.


Marine Environment® Supplements™ are  available in 16 ounce / 474 ml size that will treat 2100 US gallons / 1743 Imperial gallons / 7950 Liters of sea water substitute.


One cap (6 ml) of Marine Environment® Supplements™ for each new 25 US gallons / 20.8 Imperial gallons / 94.5L of freshly mixed marine salts.


Marine Environment® Supplements™  are also available in 1 gallon size for treating 16,000 US gallons of marine aquarium water.


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