7 Bromide 1 gal.

7 Bromide  1 gal.

7 Bromide 1 gal.

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Multiple forms of bio active & bio available high purity Bromide

  • 16 oz. for 2,500 gals
  • 1 gal. for 20,000 gals


ACP™ Iodide is essential minor component / element / ion in natural sea water (NSW).

ACP™ Iodide replaces coral metabolized iodide and safe guards against possible goiter symptoms exhibited by long term captive marine fish.

ACP™ Iodide is an easy to use and ideal additive that will replace iodide metabolized by corals.  Maintaining proper levels of Br- (#7) and Iodide (#8) can safe guard against possible goiter systems exhibited by long term captive marine fish.

ACP™  Iodide will not alter pH.

ACP™ Iodide should be used when mixing all one step marine salts and on a regular basis between routine water changes.

ACP™ Iodide should be in balance with: alkalinity (carbonate hardness), calcium (Ca++), Mg++ (magnesium), Sulfate (SO4-) and pH.

Prior to adding ACP™ Iodide test for calcium, alkalinity, magnesium, sulfate & potassium.  Adjust with ACP™ #1 # 2# ,#3, #4, #5 if necessary.

Alkalinity must be between 6-9 or 2.14-3.21 meq/L. Calcium must be between 400-460 ppm..  Magnesium must be between 1300-1350 ppm.  Test for other major ions and adjust if necessary only with ACP™  #4.

Use periodic additions of ACP™  #7, #9 & #10 to maintain heavily stocked reef aquaria between routine water changes.  Use ACP™ #11, Sea Safe® when mixing new salt water.

ACP™  Iodide-- has no ammonia,  phosphates, nitrites, nitrates, silicates, heavy metals or unwanted undesirable contaminates.

ACP™  Iodide-- is available in 16 ounce / 474 ml size that will treat 2500 US gallons / 2075 Imperial gallons / 9450 Liters of sea water.

One cap (6 ml) of ACP™ Iodide will raise iodide 0.004 ppm for each 25 US gallons of marine aquarium water.

ACP™ Iodide  is also available in 1 gallon size for treating 20,000 US gallons of marine aquarium water.

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