2 BUFFER + dKH Generator™ 1 gal.

2 BUFFER + dKH Generator™ 1 gal.

2 BUFFER + dKH Generator™ 1 gal.

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Multiple forms of bio active & bio available high purity carbonates.

  • 16 oz. for 2,500 gallons tank
  • 1 gal. for 20,000 gallons tank


ACP™ Buffer + dKH Generator®            200 gram & 400 gram sizes

Treats of over 2500 US gallons of marine aquarium water.

The most economical way to raise pH.

True pH Buffer that will adjust, maintain and support optimum water quality in all marine fish and coral reef aquarium displays.

ACP™ Buffer + dKH Generator® acts as a carbonate hardness regulator while adding bio-available™ calcium and other various bio-active™ minerals that are required by marine fish and reef building invertebrates.

Made with USP and ACP™ grade ingredients.

Check pH and alkalinity prior to adding ACP™ Buffer + dKH Generator®.  If necessary adjust pH as follows:

Small aquariums will require less ACP™ Buffer+ dKH Generator® than larger aquariums..

Add ½ teaspoon (predissolved) into about 2 cups (17 ounces / 500 mL) of marine aquarium water.  Use this amount for 25 US gallons / 95L / 20.8 Imperial gallons of marine aquarium water.  Until pH stabilizes at 8.3-8.4.

pH will remain at 8.3-8.4 when alkalinity increases to a maximum of 3.4 meq/l / KH 9.5.

Avoid adjusting pH more than 0.2 each 8-12 hours.

SLOWLY add to your marine fish or reef aquarium until the pH is 8.3-8.4.  Avoid changing pH more than 0.2 in 8-12 hours.

When pH has reached 8.3-8.4, check alkalinity.  Adjust alkalinity by adding more ACP™ Buffer+ dKH Generator® until carbonate hardness/alkalinity as reached

If necessary, slowly adjust pH again.

Aqua Craft Products® Buffer + dKH Generator™ is available in 200 gram & 400 gram sizes.  Larger sizes on request.

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