The Facts About New Ocean™

New Ocean™
manufactured by Japan Bio Chemical, Japan
(What the manufacturer claims)
(printing on the 25 liter bag)
300 grams.

HANDY AND EASY-TO-USE. Features; New Ocean Artificial Sea Water is almost identical to sea water in every way (1) , and contains all the natural elements necessary to promote the normal life cycle of all sea creatures (2) . Completely and easily diluted, for immediate use after preparation (3) . Contains no sediment or colouring. Can be conveniently used in the volume needed. Contains no toxic compounds such a arsenic cadmium orlead. hygienic and very economical. Ingredients: Na (sodium), Mg (magnesium), Ca (calcium), K (potassium), B (boron), HC03 (bicarbonate), Zn (zinc), Mo (Molybdenum), AI (aluminum), Si (silicon), Cl (chloride), SO4 (sulfate), Fe (iron), Br (bromide), I (iron) (4) .

Only one sample was tested. As shown below, it was low in one major element and very low in several minor elements.

1) 23% low in potassium a major element vs. NSW. 70% low in strontium a minor element Low in molybdenum a minor element vs. NSW. 2) Inaccurate. 3) Wet, difficult to dissolve with a very high pH. 4) The elements shown to be present are in different ratios vs. NSW.