The Facts about Marine Art

manufactured by Senjo Japan
(printing on 25 Liter package)

(What the manufacturer claims)
Very little information is on the consumer package. It is promoted throughout Japan as a sea water medium.

The foil package is an attempt to insure the product freshness. As shown below, there are dramatic variations between samples.

COMMENTS Mg. Both samples were low in magnesium vs. NSW. Ca. Sample #1 was 27% lower in calcium vs. NSW. K. Sample #2 was 8.2% higher in potassium than NSW. Sr. Sample #1 was 26.5% lower and sample #2 was 69% lower in strontium vs. NSW. Mn. Sample #1 had three times more manganese and sample #2 had ten times more manganese vs. NSW. Ni. Sample #2 had 2 1/2 times more nickel than sample #1. Pb. Sample #2 contained twice as much lead as sample #1 and had 200 times more lead than sample #1. Both samples had more lead vs. NSW. Al. Sample #2 contained 20 times more aluminum than sample #1. Fe. Sample #2 contained 12.5 time more iron than sample # 1.