Marine Aquarist™ Issue #1

Marine Aquarist
My history in salt water fish.
Trickle Filters, Still the Best
BI OX High efficiency, low cost, superior filter medium.
Editor’s Desk
Reef tanks.
Salt Water Aquariums –
Many Challenges

Video Marine Fish Identifier.
Magnesium and It’s Importance
Amounts of magnesium in
various marine salts.
How to Judge a Good
Marine Salt

A quick look at which marine salts compare favorably with natural seawater.
International Report
Synthetic Seawater Vs. Synthetic Seawater
An introduction to the S-15 Report.
Most Asked Questions: Part 1
Reef and marine fish aquariums.
Preparation of Solutions
A description of how marine salts were tested by an independent laboratory.
The Fish Store
A visit to the best aquarium store in the greater Seattle area.
The Facts About Instant Ocean
A scientific look from different sources at a popular marine salt. Part #1 in a series of describing marine salts.
Quarantine. Disease Control. Copper Sulfate.
How to safe guard against
disease and treating sick fish.