Three marine salts. Each with the proper amounts of Magnesium.

Magnesium is a major component in the composition of synthetic seawater. At a specific gravity of 1.026/35 ppt @ 78ºF/25ºC there is 1350 ppm of Mg. That is 3.37 times more than the amount of Calcium, 3.46 times more than the amount of Potassium and 20.76 times more than Bromide.

Magnesium salts cost about 3 times more per pound than common table salt. When a marine salt tests low in magnesium, the weight can be made up by adding common table salt.
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Controversial Topics.

Some items advertised and sold have incurred little or no testing prior to marketing. I call this ZERO RESEARCH. This benefits profit-driven manufacturers, and can ruin our hobby.

Long time saltwater aquarium keepers understand all too well that many new items are rushed to market. Then, if those products work relatively well, a price can be set in the free market. If a marine salt keeps saltwater fish alive only for a few months, then it is sold cheap.

Self serving aqua-gurus, acrylic filter makers, lighting and reef ‘specialists’ come and go. This leaves us with a legacy of goods and information of questionable value.

Some magazines refuse to print results from professionally conducted tests comparing various commercially available marine salts. This refusal to provide consumers with legitimate information is not fair to the captive organisms we choose to keep as pets and our investment.